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New Tier on Patreon

New Tier on Patreon

Over at Patreon www.patreon.com/ellenrogers I have made a new tier at $40 for a set of images each month. Members of this tier will receive post in the form of a randomly chosen photo set each. So if you would like to quickly amass an art collection this would be an easy way! Each set  will be at least 5 photos full and with a hand made and stamped title-page.

This is the set for this month. At the moment this tier is limited to 5.



If you cant tell already my boyfriend has a digital camera (I’ve never owned one outside of a phone) so I’m making full use of it. 


DSC06835 DSC06837 DSC06838 DSC06839 DSC06840 DSC06842 DSC06848

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