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Pylons and other signs...

Pylons and other signs...

Maria wearing Ovate. 

I’m watching the zeitgeist and seeing patterns emerge, from past behaviours and current resurgences. This is what I see of late in contemporary art and imagery… and why I think that is... 


Pylons- I’m seeing and feeling them everywhere now, even in the most mainstream of images. Not in casual use, in primary view, from their role in the Twin Peaks reprisal to most revivalist folk art, landscape works and dystopian works. They seem as recurring now in art as they are in daily life.

The new trees, the receptors, the monolith.


Nuns- The way I see it, is they represent four factions of latent current desire. 1, a community of women which echo’s the zeitgeist. 2, a physically supportive community where there isn’t one otherwise. 3. a body of people who have a vocation who act in accordance with it, representational of a time where choices were reduced, and temptation was limited. 4, a republic of sorts where those who choose their morals are rewarded for it with simplicity, shelter, cleanliness and protection, in essence a state that looks after them, whilst in our reality we struggle despite our best intentions. This is not to mention the sexualised dimensions, of women becoming vessels of projection, blank slates others remove them from or grant them agency from.


The loss of the body/body into machine/the body into spirit – a recurring theme since the early 90s making a clear resurgence in the loss of one’s consciousness into a new way of living. Immediate thoughts are drawn to the idea of uploading your consciousness so not to die. Making analogies to Sufi thinkers losing their ego (now we lose our bodies instead) and drawing the analogy of women’s representation being grown along with the rise of AI. Like Sadie Plant does here


Young girls with Guns- Possibly due to the Kurdish struggle, IDF/Polish army training etc etc and frequent tropes of anime girls wielding guns. The left- and right-wing groups all brandishing them for various ideological gains putting armed women in the fore front.


Eggs- I don't understand this one, but I’m seeing them everywhere. Something real I suppose. Not only do I see them in art their strange presence is everywhere. I walked into my dear friend’s house to see they now had a fake house egg laying on the table in their lounge. I was reminded of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Wherein, the public are peer pressured into showing their connection to ‘real’ agricultural life by having a life like sheep as a pet/ornament. This may have something to do with that lost connection. A bridge between the old world and the new. An object that looks like it is from every world. The alien, the scientific, the natural, and futuristic, the past. Its transcendent. And in turn they represent many things, life, death, food, the abject, sex, currency… An understanding to be carried.


Iran – ok, so this one I’m likely to be seeing more, I take Persian lessons and I’m immersed in the culture. But aside from that I’m seeing the interest of the West turn there more. From sci-fi novels, news stories, fashion break throughs and, generally, they are an open people who have been through 3 revolutions in the last century, a couple of coups and are prepared to see change at any time. These people are the agents of change in full force, highly adept to thinking around problems.


My predictions – I think Acid will be next, based on Mark Fishers writings and films like Arcadia, works/imagery will be becoming more psychedelic even within the realms of their genre. Specifically, the so-called psychedelic patterns and colours. Thresholds everywhere, I see doors leading to infinite spaces.





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Jan 05, 2019 • Posted by Diane

I’ve missed your posts. How I love this one, I feel these images in my core and your words so true and the way you write so unique, I feel I am floating among clouds made by your ideas

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