Ellen Rogers

Sea of Faith

Sea of Faith

My whole life I’ve been fascinated with religious iconography and everyone I had fallen in love with had too. My bedroom looks like a room from a vicarage. Yet inexplicably in this sea of faith I had associated as something else, and yet still do.

My art however speaks another story, my unconscious/psyche, speaks of spirituality and always did, whilst ‘I’ the body, remained severed, stoic and angered. My quest has been to connect these sentiments. I think its a polital struggle I face.

And although the story of my life remains empirical in its seeming evidence, I quote Blaise Pascal ‘The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing’.

These photos are of me in my room and this beautiful book one of my closest friends gave me.

I was to move out yesterday, but fate, as it does, had a way of surprising me yet again, so for now I remain at home.

Book from Martina, my sister. 

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