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My First Fashion Shoot


My First Fashion Shoot
My First Fashion Shoot My First Fashion Shoot My First Fashion Shoot

A3 hand signed reproduction giclee print on  Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

In 2007-8, I had just completed my MA at Goldsmiths. We shot this for a Chinese fashion magazine called Vision; at the time, Vision was commissioning many young and experimental fashion teams in London. It was the first fashion shoot I ever completed, so I’m surprised (and pleased) that this scan still exists in such high quality on my hard drive. The shoot was made with the stylist and creative director Katie Burnett, who is brilliantly gifted and prolific. We were young and just starting; we found each other on a long-lost website called ‘who’s testing?’. It was a genuinely incredible site that bought so many fashion creatives of that era together; of course, this is all before Instagram and maybe even the stronghold of Facebook. We found models who wanted to work with us in our new and strange experimental style and headed to one of the seven magnification cemeteries in London. 

The shoot was short-lived; a man chased us around, and the groundskeeper pulled the film from one of my cameras, but enough film survived that we could make an editorial. I feel as though I’m a wholly different person from the young girl who shot this image, but it’s a landmark for me, and it symbolises the beginning of a great journey; embedded in its grain, it holds the seeds of something exciting come.

NB: This photo was used alongside others from the set as album artwork for Thou's album Magus, which I am very proud of.