Melancholy in tear sheets. | Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers

Melancholy in tear sheets.

A brief selection of images I have made in mainstream media that are melancholic.



confessor12bhanakh8Late 2009 to 2010 - where I had started to make openly oppressed images, where women where literally bound. A reflection I now see as an inability to express myself.

 2010- A sick woman resigned to her bed. hannahm12011- Haze; a retelling of how Dolores Haze may have felt in Lolita. Here an agency sent me a girl I had no idea was 14 until the day of the shoot. The Stylist and I quickly changed our plans for the shoot and in between takes I decided to portray a 14 year old Dolores Haze as how she may have felt in Lolita. I never spoke to anyone about this but I named the shoot Haze. The model and I became friends and we meet every Christmas. I care for her very deeply. janellesuffolk0082015 - Die by the Sword- A martyred story inspired by the women who seemed in self-imposed exile, lonely in Vilhelm Hammershoi's work. maxinecolour1maxinecolour10jackandmaxinescraps142014 - An illustrated telling of Robert Brown's poem Porphyria's Lover, where-in a husband kills his wife out of jealousy and concludes that in death she looks happy and did not struggle whist being strangled by her own hair. He reflects after that he did well on account of God having never punished him. maxinerawscan202012- A portrait of Charlotte; A portrayal of Charlotte Gilman Perkin's  The 'Yellow Wallpaper', largely considered the first feminist novel. This image depicts a woman repressed after Post-natal depression by being kept hostage in a room by her husband, she begins seeing other women trapped in the yellow papered walls. maxinefashion7maxinefashion82013- A room in my house. katandaudry11katandaudry172011 - A depiction of Boudicca's daughters before they were raped and killed. I believe this to be about sisterly love and support. I shot this with my cousin by my side. Who has largely been a little sister figure in my life for a variety of reasons.

 2011 - A depiction of Virginia Woolf's poem Safe, which I had interpreted as a look at co-dependency. sarahingvidmartina6sarahingvidmartina12sarahingvidmartina25sarahingvidmartina272011 - A shoot depicting the women who were heavily affected by their working conditions, they later found strength in the London Match strike of 1888, this shoot was remade from accounts Annie Bessant had written. sarahscarps81sarahscraps12sarahscarps11 sarahscarps6

2013- An illustration of the novel 'The Collector' where in a man captures a woman in his basement after winning the pools and holds hers hostage as a type of pet until she is neglected. She is said to have been an art student at the Slade. This is only 1 of 3 shoots I had made about this book. ovatecolour0462015 - Inspired by Dryer's Joan of Arc, a revolutionary woman brazenly killed by men. colourvalusha1112011- A women begging for life. pheobe3pheobe62012 - An ode to child actors asleighrawscan7asleighrawscan202012 - An exploration in shibari, which in fact I do in fact see as liberating and intimate. januarycage-30januarycage-20januarycage-22014 - A shoot titled 'Gilded Cage' which epitomised my feelings of isolation at the time, a series of women trapped in their home.