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Bright Rooms

Bright Rooms

For some time, I’ve felt a little out of place in London haven’t not yet settled on a place to work, not having a studio or a darkroom here I’ve wanted desperately to grow roots but not known where.

Then recently a mutual friend had put me in touch with Dan who runs Bright Rooms darkroom in Peckham and as chessy as it sounds I feel like finally I actually belong somewhere (not least because I used to live around the corner for several years and it’s so familiar anyway!).
I’m not one to do this, as those who follow me know, but I really like this place and I want to signal boost Bright Rooms as much as possible. It’s in a converted carpark in Peckham within the same complex as Franks Bar a much-frequented spot in Peckham.

I’ve not had much of a chance to experiment recently so I spent a day with Dan yesterday playing with a new technique I had been hatching for some time (I won’t go into that now as I’m far from perfecting it) but here are some of the results.

These are the images larger images Dan snapped at the darkroom on the walls there...


Most excitingly though Dan has a spot where you can project large 8x10 negatives against a steal wall upon which you can affix magnets to project your work, so we tested it with some of my larger negs. The straight silver gelatin prints are around the A2 size the others are around 8x8, here...

The smaller images are my usual hybrid mix I make up, but like I say this is a new way of printing technique ill expand more on soon.

Please do let me know what you think.



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