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Images for Lilly at Profile Models

Images for Lilly at Profile Models

Occasionally I check in with Profile models an agency I have a long standing relationship with and test with a model who seems exciting in order to help build their profile and add a slightly more artistic dynamic to a model's book. This time I choose to work with Lilly. A test is usually an opportunity for both parties to experiment. I shot these just before lockdown so I was glad to work on them during this time. I borrowed an RB67 from work and I just shot two rolls of film, one in B/W and one in colour C41. I loved the grade. See the image below which was processed in the darkroom and hand coloured and the C41 below. All natural light, shot in my living room. I overall love the grade it produces, modern yet classic fashion photography come from this camera. It is however so heavy I could barely hold it! 

C41 colour images 

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