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It’s been two years in a row now that Evie and I have met in the blazing London sun on their brief return from Edinburgh. I hope this is something of a tradition forming.

Even though we had reached a point in the pandemic in the UK that we could meet up again safely, we decided to shoot through windows and mirrors. This emphasised the illusion that separated us further. I think these images give a sense of distance, at least for me; I think they echo the deep need for the creative process. I’m eternally grateful for everyone who works with me, spends time with me, and gives this kind of performance, one so perfectly in tune with the nature of the work I am trying to communicate. Thank you so much, Evie; you are a genuinely gifted performer. 

I realise that some of the other shoots we had made together before the pandemic weren’t on my blog, so I’ve added a few here. Perhaps you can see the changes in tone and mood from pre to post-pandemic.


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