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Ellen Rogers

Melencolia I inspired shoot.

Melencolia I inspired shoot.

I made the first shoot for my PhD, it's in reaction to Giorgio Agamben's book Stanzas (1977) and his depictions and discussions around Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer.


This shoot is the collaboration with Prangsta Costumiers (who I have been working with since I was an MA student back in 2006) and my dear friend Ephyra.

In my studies, I've been very interested in the way my images are read, or the 'affect' they give the viewer. Some of the folks on my instagram gave their comments on how the images are received  and the conversations and ideas around the comments are just beautiful, please read them here, here and here (make sure to press the + symbol if you are on a computer to load all the comments).

I hope these speak to you also...

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