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New Papers, New Colours.

New Papers, New Colours.

Brexit in the UK has meant that a great deal of the chemicals and paper I once used aren't as accessible. Many papers too are either discontinued or changed. So, I'm currently in a stage of re-learning lots of processes and papers. Here are a selection of my playing around with the new papers and ways of hand-colouring. I had a few 'go-to' papers for colouring which took dyes very well, as they are all now mostly gone or inaccessible to me this is a new attempt at hand-colouring (phone snaps sorry).

As I am at the stage of relearning I also took the opportunity to attempt colour-matching my hand-colouring to the colour of Sarah Moon's polaroids, whether I was successful or not is up for debate. To achieve this look I used a variety of things, cling-film etc to give a slightly iridescent glare that might emulate the fidelity of the polaroid texture, this was done at the printing stage. My colouring method is heavier than usual, more dyes to give a deep foundation for the accented oils and gouache. Ultimately this was an experiment in texture.

Next on my radar is the Bromoil technique which I haven't used since my BA in printmaking. It will be especially difficult finding all the supplies that work in this notoriously temperamental process, post brexit. Most contemporary blogs dealing with supplies for the process are all written before Brexit with papers that aren't accessible.

So if anyone reading this has made bromoil prints in the UK, post brexit (as in this year), with readily available supplies, please let me know! I'll be sharing my results on here as always, so far its been shaky experimnetation to get it right with whats out there right now. I'm aware of the bromoil circle of great britian , I have emailed them. My quest continues.

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