Sabotage | Ellen Rogers

Ellen Rogers



inamood022 inamood021 inamood020 inamood019 inamood017 inamood016 inamood015inamood012 inamood011 inamood010 inamood009 inamood008 inamood007 inamood006 inamood005inamood003 inamood001 I was particularly angry at myself for forgetting something last week; I stayed in bed all day ruminating-punishing-not-punishing (myself). I walked to my studio and as I found myself lying on the floor (something I do a lot these days). I saw a folder full of photocopied photos/contact sheets. With the words of a friend ringing in my ears I decided to express in the most visceral way I could. An hour later I had these. Martina said 'please stop worrying what others think'- simple I know and on the whole.

I hardly ever show anything that I make that deviates from my canonical work. I shall not be giving up my day job of slow-painful-methodical colouring on painstakingly made darkroom prints. But this felt cathartic so in the spirit of transparency here is some self-sabotage. Thank you sisterina.

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