Ellen Rogers

Vimeo made Public...

Vimeo made Public...

After 8 years (5 years on the other) of showing only a few people these, I've decided to make them public. Mostly they had been private as I suffer from crippling self criticism, but as I wish to make more films and I had once made these out of genuine creative passion I want them to be public so I can see from here (openly) how I hope to improve.

The Novena test was a very rough demo for a video game.

Please consider these sketches, very old sketches... link to my vimeo in the bio.

Game (video) Demo - https://vimeo.com/70800017

Sketch of a film - https://vimeo.com/12924702

Although we no longer talk and we both live independent lives with our own partners, it's important that I note that these were both collaborations with an ex partner, who provided the music and helped me film and make these. His work is now to be found here prizum.uk

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