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Lighting Tests for Visconti

Lighting Tests for Visconti

This is another lighting test; it came about as I wanted to plan/test for a summer shoot where I refer to the filmmaker Luchino Visconti's film The Leopard. I am doing so because, to my surprise, vast numbers of shoots in my image database (of the type of images I am studying) often referenced this film. I decided I would like to take a solo scene and turn it into what looks like a sculpture in a museum. One of my supervisors had set me a very simple but extremely effective task. He had asked me to go to the V&A and study the lighting. These are the photos that I had taken to learn how to reference them later down the road, they were the bench mark, its up for debate if I synthesised the lighting well, or not. 

In some downtime in the photography studios at Ravensbourne University, where I teach, I had a model/friend over. As I was teaching workshops with Naomi, I was afforded the ability to work out the lighting I wanted to achieve in my coming shoot.

Here are the colour negatives...

The model is Naomi Abia with makeup by JORDAN FX

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