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Bitter Tears for Nasty Magazine

Bitter Tears for Nasty Magazine



This was a long time in the making, shot with care between lockdowns and downtime from teaching. I felt so lucky to be working with this team at Prangsta. We made each other food, socially distanced and created something I didn't think possible in the middle of a pandemic. 

All the shoots are printed by hand in my darkroom and the colour images are hand coloured as per usual. 

Please see the full shoot here

The shoot itself is based on the feelings of Fassbinder's films, and we took inspiration from Sarah Moon's makeup trademarks. 



For @nastymagazine
Photographer: me
Photography assistant: @kaveh_abbasian
Styling: Alia Aluli / @alulliiii
Fashion Assistant: Caitlin Batchelor / @caitlinbatch
Makeup Artist: Ivory Bella / @ivoryraine
Model: Mimi Mcveigh / @internet_baby
Location: Prangsta Costumiers @prangstacostumiers



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