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New Normal

New Normal

I got a used digital camera at the start of last year, just as we went into lockdown (in order to document my PhD). I took this leap into the unknown having only ever had an analogue camera. The camera ended up being a way to journal my days in this strange new time. I have managed to do a number of professional shoots in the Covid period and a few backstage shoots for friends too but only a few of them appear here as I was shooting on film. Instead these are mostly still moments in Norfolk and London (some behind the scenes stuff for friends too) the two settings of my lockdowns.
I opted for the Fuji Xpro2, I didn't have a massive amount of budget and was happy to buy used, I'd always loved Fuji Lenses and I enjoy the way the camera feels so analogue with full manual settings, this is how I'm used to shooting after all. 
These seem to omit that which K and I do the most, teach in front of a computer screen, but I wanted to share something else. Though I am missing occasional walks with loved ones, I always forget my camera on those.  

On paper, I live in London, and I also study in London too but my studio and darkroom are in Norfolk (my father lives there and it's much cheaper! So I'm usually there 50/50). Prior to Covid I would travel between the two. Then a couple of years back now I took up a post teaching at Arts University Bournemouth which meant my commute was something of a large misshapen triangle, transcending hours and days. Lockdown was an immediate change of pace. I was almost certainly overworked before with teaching, freelancing, doing a PhD and the most intense commute I'd ever experienced... Then it all stopped. 

Im having to be extra careful, I look after my father who is vulnerable (we've had several hospital trips this year) and I have severe allergies (anaphylaxis) so I can't take the current vaccine (update, Ive been double jabbed now!). All this means overnight stays, public transport, eating out etc has all been off the cards etc. 

But anyway, it's not been terrible, I've caught up on so much. This is a tangled-up photo-dump, I hope you enjoy it...

The film set is for my friend Michelle, Some other backstage images are for the trailer for the London Kurdish Film Festival , and a few images of Ephyra too from this shoot and a few also for shoots I've done with Prangsta Costumiers and The Seamstress of Rohan


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